Terms and Agreement

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Terms and Agreement

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:35 pm

Rules of the RP Thread:
Main Rules:

1. Follow all rules of Ethics.
2. Do not disrespect other members, mods, and admins.
3. Post in the correct area’s of the rp section, if there is a thread for suggestion rp’s them post there do not create a new thread for such things.
4. Keep it Pg-13.
5. No one-liner posts, they are considered spam and will be dealt with as such.
6. Mods and Admins have the right to add more rules when we find it necessary.

Creating an RP:

- Each new rp must have 3 active members in 2 weeks after the first post.
- If an RP does not meet this requirement, it shall be closed.
- After an RP is closed, it has 3 days in which members/owner can appeal to keep it alive.
- After said period, the RP will be deleted, and the matter closed.
- If mods or admins find that the rp you have created is not under regulations then it will be closed.
- First post form (Please use this when posting your rp thread):

Available Positions (If Any):
Plot Outline/Summary:
Details Needed To Join:
Any other details you want to include (i.e. if genre knowledge is needed before joining etc.):

First please create a thread with the form filled out, use the thread to recruit other members to rp, post character sheets, and to discuss how the rp will be managed. Please post that in the subforums for each genre.

If you have any questions about what to do in posting rps please feel free to send any of our team a message.

By posting in these forums you acknowledge the terms and usage.


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